The Future of Conflict Part I: Background

Over the past twenty years the world has become more peaceful.  Yes, despite Syria, the DRC the violence in Kenya and many others our world been increasingly more peaceful.

The next few posts will look at where and how the next conflicts will take place and the issues that spark them namely: population, resources, inequality and climate change.

The coming wars will have similar aspects to the ones we’ve seen in that past such as:

  • Challenges to the social order whether in the name of Democracy or for economic reform.
  • Many will take on larger dimensions as international powers seeks to protect their investments
  • Most will be multi-dimensional and not always political

While each conflict is different, these will share three basic factors:

  • They will challenge who has power and why
  • Their escalation will depend on whether the community can manage conflict
  • Ordinary citizens, especially women, will suffer

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